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William Bucklin, Our Six-hundred Acre Ancestor
By Kristen Ingram

"His first land in the New World was in 1634 on the north side of Weary-All Hill. The ship Elizabeth Dorcas brought his wife, Mary Bosworth, his small son, his wife's parents, and her brothers. He was born around 1606, christened 23 Nov 1606 and died in 1683, leaving offspring who helped build the new country and defended its independence in the American Revolution.

His name was William and he was forefather of the New England Bucklins whose descendants now live all over this country. All the persons in the United States who have the surname "Bucklin" are almost certainly descendants of William. William's story is the beginning of a fascinating saga about an interesting family. " . . . Read the rest of the narrative of the life of William Bucklin

[Ed. note about this biography and the author: This compelling narrative of William's life was donated to the Joseph Bucklin Society by professional writer Kristen Ingram, one of William's tenth-great-granddaughters. Recognized nationally for her professional writing talents, she has written more than twenty books. She says her two favorites are (a gift book) "I'll Ask My Grandmother: She's Very Wise" and "AngeI in the Senate" (a murder mystery).

We said that Kristen Ingram is a professional writer, and we mean it! Kristen is the author of hundreds of magazine articles, on health, how-to, religion, folklore, medical advances, art, and music.  She has written about 25 booklets for the National Research Bureau on health, psychology, food, natural history, and relationships. She also writes write short fiction articles for magazines, and is best known among professional writers for her fiction for computer magazines.  She and her husband Ron live at the edge of the woods in Springfield Oregon, with their Shih-Tzu dog and a criminal cat.]

Kirsten has provided a Documents Events Report of some of the sources she used from those furnished to her by us for her writing this biography of William's life.

If you want to dig further: we do have our own formal "Scholar's Biography" of William Bucklin (b. ca. 1606). That biography has most of all the known facts about William, and includes more extended discussions about him or the interpretation of known facts, including a discussion of the "Two Williams" theory.  That formal Scholar's Biography" is more accurate in its narrative, because it is more extensive, and therefore does not leave gaps or possible misinterpretations of events because of the more easily read story narrative by Kirsten Ingram, who was aiming her text at persons who wanted a quick easy read.


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