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The Rhode Island Historical Society

Anyone doing research on early Rhode Island history will find good materials at the Rhode Island Historical Society.

The Rhode Island Historical Society is among the best museum and historic house institutions in the country. The society has full accreditation from the American Association of Museums, and although its funding is limited the the citizens of Rhode Island should take pride in their historical society’s commitment to excellence.

The Rhode Island Historical Society was founded in 1822 and is the country’s fourth oldest state historical society. Its museum and library holdings include 25,000 artifacts, 150,000 printed volumes, over 350,000 images, and over 6,000 manuscript collections. The Society is dedicated to preserving and sharing materials from Rhode Island’s past, so that present and future generations can more fully comprehend their predecessors, their communities, and themselves.

For more information about the RIHS, see their website at www.rihs.org .


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