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It's a great feeling!     A small investment ($18) with satisfying benefits.

  • You are doing something for your country.  You have the satisfaction of being a part of a proud organization, known for its dedication to discovering and preserving American Colonial and American Revolutionary War history. 

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  • You can preserve your family's history for future generations --- it's a great feeling!  Without our database, family information may be unknown.

  • You educate others about American History. The Joseph Bucklin Society is is one of the two main national history centers for information about the 1772 Gaspee Affair. Without organizations like the Joseph Bucklin Society, much information about this important part of the American Revolution would be unknown.

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  • We are a private history and family research and educational organization, not connected with any religious or political group.

  • We are known by researchers in the fields of Bucklin and Rhode Island research, and especially by the specialist historians working on Gaspee history.  We encourage you to visit other sites of the Rhode Island Consortium of Genealogical and Historical Societies (RICON), an informal union of Rhode Island genealogical and historical societies.

  • We do research!  We have documentary depositories to preserve history. But most of all we coordinate the exchange of Bucklin data and Colonial History information.

  • Our goal is to have any Bucklin of the future be able to find their ancestors of the Revolution that built this country. Only by your participation can this ambitious gathering of Bucklin and Colonial information be of maximum benefit . Join us. Share in the benefits and excitement of working together! 

It's a great feeling!     A small investment ($18) with satisfying benefits.

This web site and the Joseph Bucklin Society exchange of information can exist only with your membership support.

Yes! I want to join, now!

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