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Providence Graves

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Want to have your ancestor's headstone photograph kept in our Society's Photo Depository?  Send it to us.  We will feature some of these headstones from time to time.

There are a large number of Bucklins buried in Rhode Island cemeteries.  TheClick to get involved in American History Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries Transcription Project will allow you to find them.  There are will be about 500,000 headstones recorded when the project is finished.  But the index is good.  Go to www.rootsweb.com/~rigenweb/cemetery/index.html which will give you the index and the basics.  The basic index is quickly indexed at http://members.tripod.com/~debyns/cemetery.html  If you want to access the whole data base you have to go to the computer at the Rhode Island Historical Society in Providence, Rhode Island.

Bucklin Gravesites------Click on a thumbnail to enlarge it. Then use your Web Browser's Back Button to return to this page.

NewmanGenA.jpg (49052 bytes)Bucklin family grave area in Newman Church cemetery in Pawtucket, RI NewmanGen.jpg (47600 bytes) This is the cemetery where many of the early Bucklins are buried.  The large central shaft and fenced off area ( in the background of the first photo) is an easily identified landmark in the cemetery. On the photo on the right, the American flag marks the grave of John Bucklin 1732-1790.

Paw990505CDav.JPG (58235 bytes)Grave of  David b 1708 (son of Joseph b 1663 and Mehitable Sabin) next to graves of Daniel and Abigail (children of David's brother John b. 1701 and Freelove Smith)
David1708.JPG (121314 bytes) 

You can see how the tipped character of David's stone exposes it to the ravages of time.  It is important to read and record these stones before they are totally unreadable.


Jospeh1662.JPG (50427 bytes)An interesting area.  On the right lower side is grave site of Joseph b. 1662/63 d. 1729. His wife Mehitable Sabin survived him by many years and may have chosen  the sites for the two on the left of Joseph. Next left of Joseph is his granddaughter Freelove (daughter of John b. 1701 and Freelove Smith); and on far left side is site of Joseph's daughter Esther d. at age 19 as the wife of Thomas Nichols

Barak Buck.jpg (18653 bytes)Barak Bucklin d. 11 Jan 1739/1740.  He died less than 1 year after the Barak Bucklin whose grave is nearby.. His stone is leaning over, and thus the face has been saved from the ravages of the elements.  His stone is across the small road from his father's stone.  When you click on this thumbnail to enlarge it, you will be able to read this stone.

Barak Buck  d 7 Feb 1738.jpg (20876 bytes)Barak Bucklin d. 7 Feb 1738/1739. This stone is almost unreadable, and we would appreciate anyone sending us a transcription of the stone.  The thumbnail to the right shows the area of this stone.  Barak.JPG (43760 bytes)

Another view of the grave of Barak d. Feb 7, 1738/39. It is the tipped stone in the center of the bottom of this photo to the right of this text.

Paw9905C15GB.JPG (49347 bytes)Civil War historians in the Family may like to see graves such as this marker for Capt. George (Battle of Fredricksburg) in the main Bucklin area in the Newman Church cemetery.  You can read his military history by clicking on the thumbnail and enlarging it.

John1732.JPG (54915 bytes)John Bucklin 1732-1790 and his family are recorded on this side of the main Bucklin area's column.   Click on this thumbnail and read the interesting genealogy of this family.

More Bucklin Gravesites are on the following pages.

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