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Because Benjamin Bucklin was christened by the Rev. Peter Hobart, in Hingham, MA, it may be helpful to mention something about the extraordinary Rev. Hobart.

Rev. Peter Hobart. Born ca 1604 in Hingham, Norfolk. Peter was baptized in Hingham, Norfolk on 13 Oct 1604.3 Peter died on 20 Jan 1679 in Hingham, MA. Education: Magdalen Coll, Dambridge, Eng: BA 1625, MA 1629.

"Peter, a twin son [twin of Edmund], was b. at Hing., Eng. and bt. there, Oct.13 1604. He was educated at Magdalen Coll., Cambridge, Eng., where he received the degree of Bachelor in 1625, and of Master of Arts in 1629. He was m. at Eng. and came to New Eng. with his w. and four ch., arriving at Charlestown in June, 1635. On the first page of a journal which he kept, giving a rec. of the baptisms, marriages, and deaths, which came under his notice during his ministry of nearly 44 yrs. in out Hing., is the foll.: 'I with my wife and four children came safely to New Englane June ye 8: 1635: for ever praysed be the god of Heaven my god and king.' In Sept. foll. he settled in our Hing., and on the 18th of that month received a grant of a house-lot on Town (North) St. He also had other grants of land for planting purposes. He was twice m., his last w. being Rebecca, dau. of Richard Ibrook. She d. here 9 Sept. 1693, aet 72 yrs.; and in her will, made four dys. previously, gives to s. David the dw.-house with thirty acres of land. Rev. Peter Hobart also left a will, in which his fifteen ch. then living are mentioned. The date of his death, and the years of his ministry are recorded on a memorial tablet standing near Central Ave., in the Hing. cemetery as foll.: --

In memory of Revd. Peter Hobart who died January 20th 1679 in the 75th year of his age and 53rd of his ministery 9 years of which he spent in Hingham Great Britain & 44 in Hingham, Massachusetts.

Check out Peter Hobart's journal, published in NEHGR 121(1967):3-25, 102-127, 191-216, 269-294.

Peter was the minister of the Old Ship Church of Hingham.  History has Peter "as an independent and spirited clergyman ... which occasionally brought him up before the general court [of the Massachusetts Bay Colony]  to answer for his outspoken opinions.

Before the Rev Peter Hobart arrived in New England, with his flock from his church in Hingham, England, the place he came to was settled, but known as Barecove.  By petition to the general court of the MBC, Hobart got the name of " Barecove is changed and hereafter to be called Hingham."


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